Tuesday, October 21, 2008

you Can't Survive on ice Cream.

what I want From urban outfitters +American apparel.

Sweater Floral EarwarmerLattice Suede BootEntwined T-Strap FlatMiss Sixty Flo SlingbackJeffrey Campbell Cutout HeelSparkle & Fade Patterned Crochet Footed TightUO Wallpaper Floral TightsStyle RSAC310Style LEXINGTON

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

old world underground, where are you now?

blah blah blah.
my life has been a perfect repetition for the last month.
wake up, school, walk home, homework, television, sleep.
I'm never hungry and more.
i only get thirsty, its really weird.
Friday might turn out to be fun.
a little break away from the usual.
so first there's a fashion show at the uu church, its for charity or so meting. but there's free food and music.
then right after this awesome band called this is an empire is having a dance party somewhere on elmwood. its gonna be boss!

life's good.
& i'm happy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

so now i understand.

i've figured out the reason why i haven't been blogging.
its because everything in my life is great.
it's amazing.
i'm around stunning people, listening to great people, doing awesome things.
and i can't write about that.
i seem to only be able to blog when i'm sad or shitty.
because when everything is good in my life i feel like i'm bragging about something.
like, its not normal for people to be happy and enjoy getting up every morning. like something is wrong with me for enjoying life.
its really weird.
so for some reason i always tend to make things in my life seem worst then they are, but only when things are going good. not when i actually feel like shit. when its shit, its shit.
i kinda don't really understand what the fuck i just said in that whole beginging thing-y. ugh. ahaha.

today i went thrifting with my mom and sister. it was pretty great.
the best finds where a pink christian dior dress shirt (that actually fit me!) for 1.50. yes, A DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS! i got really excited.
i also got a black gingham ralph laruen dress shirt for 1.50.
and the super cute green floral 60s dress with a matching belt.

all the music that i've been listening to lately has relfected my mood. its super fun, dancable, happyand preppy its like i'm turning into a gossip girl episode. so my top ten songs for august(not in any order) are:

1.Kiss Me Tiger by Marilyn Monroe
i've got no idea what movie this is from but i guess i should look it up somewhere. this song makes me all happy inside(lmfao). this song is like wearing silk and chiffon ball gowns and dancing around with the hottest boy you know.

2. See A Penny Pick It Up by YACHT
i first heard this song on some girls myspace. i completely fell in love with it. i think everyone in my house is sick of me singing this at the top of my lungs. its just so damn catchy! plus it has a great beat. this song is like eating creamcicles with your best friends on a hot day after going to the pool.

3. You Don't Know Me by Ben Folds feat. Regina Spector
On sunday nights the local rock radio plays new music. a lot of it is indie, some is by new unsigned bands, others are just awesome songs off of new albums. this song is insanely catchy, like one listen and it'll be stuck in your head for weeks. plus there voices work amazingly together. this song is a long train ride across state, right after you broke up with someone, but you don't really care because they were kind of an asshole anyway.

4. Get Like Me by David Banner
this song is getting played on every top 40 radio station in the country.
but it's pure gold! ahhhahahaaha. i'm not sure, it might be the ghetto chick in me but i can't help sing along. it was my favorite song for a longgggg time. bahahaha.
this song is a giant party in the suburbs with your bff and lots of spark( the drink.)

5. Two of Hearts by Stacy Q
I love this song. it's pure 80s gold. brad walsh's cover is pretty flyy too but the orignal kills it. like AHHHH!(lmfaooo) i love this so much. this song is buying matching zebra striped bras with your best friend, then getting strawberry ice cream and flirting with the waiter.

6. Me Plus Yr Daughter by Natalie Portman's Shaved Head
This song is about how to date a hot girl while not annoying/upseting her strict father.
can you say amazinggggg! plus the beat makes you want the get off your ass and dance and the lyrics are completely hilarious and really really catchy. this is my favorite song all summer. this song is an all night sleepover with all of your friends and playing truth or dare.

7.Talk Shit by Millionares
because every playlist needs a song about beating gossipy bitches up. the lyrics are simple and catchy&&its hilarious. this is the song everyone listens to before going into a situation where a whole lotta people don't like you, for me that place is thursday at the square. but whatever. back down bitch, your fucking done!

8. Sour Cherry by The Kills
i had to include a song by them because they are the 4th best two piece out there.(the first is the white stripes, then DFA1979, then the dresden dolls) yeah. i dont want to write anymore because i'm lazy. but it feautres a cow bell and catchy lyrics. its like walking into the school dance with black ripped tights and pink betsey johnson dress. its sour and sweet.

9. That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings
Men call the lead singer hell and stacy, quiet girl and maybe jolisa. it's always the same.
this song is getting dressed to go to a show. like a pink spiders show or maybe the teenagers.

10. Grizzly Bear by The All Girl Summer Fun Band.
this song is awesome. not only do they have "summer" and "fun" in there name but its complete sugar pop. like a water balloon fight on a hot day. =]

well that's all for now.
i'm sleepy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wish apon a star.

my fall wishlist.
a collection of stuff i really want.
my look this fall is going to be a mix of japanise supercutesy,60s housewife and hip hop princess.
everything is from fred flare, lesportsac, delia*s, torrid, payless, urban outfitters.
the girl with the amazing hair is amazing model raquel reed.
so now on to the shitttt.

zebra leggings
hair this color!
gameboy color
chloe inspired mary jane pumps
cut out oxfords
grey bubble skirt
addas hightops
school bus tote

hot pink shiny leggings
red keds.
saddle shoes
patrisha field for payless sandals
star scarf

juicy couture perfume set.
khaki skinnies!
diorshow(waterproof of course!)
star necklace from delia*s
hot pink party dress

laptop case from lesportsac
backpack from fred flare
cheetah leggings
mj perfume.
star wars flash drive


Friday, June 27, 2008


oh i forgot to say this but my hair now has a fucsia/red/pink stripe in it.

its all over now.

so i finally graduated.
i'm off to high school.
and i'm suprisingly really scared.
but everyone kinda is.
just got the sem dress code and i was all "wtf?"
i have to buy a whole new wardrobe.
completely new.
i dont know if its awesome or sucky yet.
I'm gonna start dressing like this awesome chicka.

i need money, some sweet fabric and belts.
oh and shoes.
and tights.

Friday, May 23, 2008


i went shopping with ruby
and i found my graduation dress.
its amazing.
and i got some white wayfers
they're flyyy.
i'll post photos later.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

let the beat control you.

There are two bands that everytime I here them I start to cry.
I cry in a good way not in the bad way. Its because when i hear the they fil me with emotions of the past and its just overwellming.
The bands are Tilly and The Wall. and Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer.
Your probally laughing at me right now. i mean there not the type of band you start to cry over, expecially ZTRRD.
But in those past two years i've dealt with a lot of shit. Stuff i don't like to mention and those bands have always been there for me.
The lyrics have kept me from going crazy and hurting myself.
They've helpt me realize that everything is gonna get better and that the bullshit that's happening right now won't matter in the future.
It's funny because it seems that those two bands have a song or a line in a song that have helpt me with all my issues.
They've givin me hope and happiness and they always make me smile.
Thats why when people talk shit about them i get soooo fucking defencive. Because its like there crushing me and I just can't take it.

So I guess this is a thank you letter.
Thank you.
Thank you so fucking much.

oh my god. i started to cry again.